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Benjamin Aillery | fr/nl

Born in France in 1976, living in Amsterdam since January 1999. In 2003 Benjamin got his first big gig with Salvation Amsterdam. In 2004 he decided to leave his software engineer carrier and only concentrate on his music and dj bookings.

Playing music and working as an independent journalist for the free and independent gay magazine Gay&Night in the Benelux. Writing monthly music reviews and party reports. Providing and keeping a very good connection with the gay scene and House-music labels. Benjamin releases monthly a new play list for gay clubbers became a source of inspiration for many in the Netherlands and Belgium. Benjamin is spreading his sounds all over Europe. Vinyl lover, behind the turn tables, Benjamin chooses to keep playing only on vinyl with a collection of some 8000 vinyls. His inspiration is very large from funky vocal house & soulful disco remixes to more electro and progressive new sounds and styles of music. His sets are best described as uplifting house music. Playing deep grooves to raw and pumping electro beats to tribal and tech-house. Playing late night & energetic sets, some commercial tunes and remixes for the audience to never loose that dance floor feeling.

DJ Benjamin Aillery