DJ Brent Nicholls | aus/uk

Brent began his career on the decks in Sydney in the early 90′s and during that time established himself as a credible name playing at a variety of ‘funked up’ clubs and bars. In that time he has played at various Mardi Gras’ to various other global dance events and on the underground warehouse scene. Spinning from crowd of 200 to 20000, he is a professional that knows how to adapt and work with various groups, clubs and people. His career has seen him play around the world from major circuit events in New Zealand, Montreal, Cologne and onto to club tours in Amsterdam, Ibiza, Rio, Madrid, Cape Town, Asia, Milan, Paris, Germany and back to Sydney. He is a DJ of with a well established international reputation.

Currently based in London his is a regular at PlayTime, Club Nation, Profile, Love Child, Soho Gym, Blitz, Rupert Street, Kazbar, HustlaBall London, HotWired and the infamous fetish club Hard On; a diversity of clubs and venues that best reflects his playing style. From hand raising anthems to sexy electro house, and from underground house to progressive - Brent’s sets are characterised by an uplifting, funky, chunky and energetic driven sound moulded to the suit crowd he is playing for. As a DJ he believes that his job is to educate and entertain and it is the interplay between these two fundamentals that drives his sets and makes them suitable for peak time main floor sets to being deep in the underground.

DJ Brent Nicholls