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Hifi Sean | uk

DJ Hifi Sean (Sean Dickson) has been pushing the boundaries of music all of his adult life. From his beginnings as singer, songwriter and producer in the million disc selling band The Soup Dragons (whose worldwide hits include Im Free and Divine Thing) and then critically acclaimed band 'The High Fidelity' hence where he got his name to his current incarnation as a cutting edge DJ, Sean is an expert in providing the soundtrack to other peoples lives. Voted in the top 3 best Djs of the year in Boyz magazine London 2010 + 2011!

For Sean DJing is not simply a case of playing records, it is a creative act where his sets are full of his own remixes and re-edits that he tailors specifically to take his audience on a personal and unique journey week after week. His mix of 77 Strings by Mantronix was a massive underground hit on the UK and Europe scene and climbed the QX Club chart on audience reaction alone. Djs have been fighting for copies of this, he also has many remix projects and releases under his belt. It is this commitment to his music and his audience that has seen Sean take up residencies and pack dance floors in the most popular and cutting edge clubs in London since his move to the capital five years ago. Sean can also be heard weekly at the capital and U.K's biggest and best after hours event the infamous Beyond which is packed with clubber's from 6am -1pm every Sunday where he is a resident. Also a resident for RAW a club within the club Orange the Monday morning phenomenon. RAW opens at 4am on a Monday morn and packed with people wanting to hear his trademark sound. Also a firm favourite at both Barcode Vauxhall and Barcode Soho in London and has also played world famous parties like DTPM, Hustlaball, Recon, Kinky Trade to name a few in the UK and many more in many other countries, amongst them Bear-Necessity in Amsterdam.

Sean brings his considerable talent as a musician to the dance floor. He instinctively knows how to take clubber's on a thrilling musical roller coaster ride. It is a testament to his passion and commitment that he has a loyal following who are always more than willing to go along for the journey.

DJ Hifi Sean