Max del Principe | nl/it

Born in Milano (Italy), Max del Principe traveled quiet a lot around Europe and after living for six years in Nice and Paris he made the definitive move to Amsterdam in 1998. This is the city which kick-started his love for dj'ing and he has no plans to stop yet.
At first, Max started playing for private parties and occasionally in different bars in Amsterdam. It was during these bar gigs where Max his infectious sounds were noticed and he was shortly invited to play in the hottest new gay nightclub in Amsterdam, Club Church. Only a few days later, Max received a call from the club booking manager offering him a residency which he still holds on Friday nights. This friday night party became very popular in Amsterdam and still sees a cue at the door... sometimes down the street.

In the last couple of years, Max has since been asked to play on the gayromeo boat during the Amsterdam Canal Parade and he was the opening DJ of Amsterdam Gay Pride largest street celebration. Nowadays Max is resident at Club Church, holds a residency at Propaganda Antwerp and is regularly booked by Gorillas Rome.
Max del Principe's music is a blend of happy and uplifting and varies form funky through circuit (vocal) house with a twist of tribal influence.

DJ Max del Principe