Misja Xampl | nl

Misja is one of the more talented DJ/producers the Dutch house scene has ever known. Born in Amsterdam, Misja started collecting records in 1988 as a hobby and after that the DJing started. In 1990 Misja became resident at the infamous Club iT on Fridays and Saturdays and got himself a regular guest spot at RoXY's "HARD" Wednesday events.

In the mid nineties he won two awards for best DJ in England and Amsterdam and soon after that started focusing on producing. His first track, "The Journey" on Orange Records was released in 1996 and -later remixed by DJ JP- eventually licenced as the opening track of the Pacha Ibiza CD and La Rocca Belgium.

A selection of the clubs he played at throughout his career: iT , RoXY, Paradiso, Melkweg, Space Ibiza, Pacha Ibiza, Trade London, Heaven London, Arc Sydney, Love Parade, Planeterium Russia and he has toured through Indonesia, the Philippines, China and Thailand.

DJ Misja Xampl
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