OSO Project | ES

(Ignacio) OSO Project's passion for electronic music began when he moved to Spain's capital Madrid, where he discovered the house music that at the time was responsible for the vibrant Madrid nightlife. Thanks to his wide knowledge of classical music he began to develop his career as an electronic music producer and DJ, the dance floor being the centre axis of his creations. His tracks have been played by Madrid top DJ's such as Ismael Rivas, Ivan Pica, Binomio and Manuel Carranco, artists with whom has collaborated in many tracks and remixes. His music sounds in most well known gay circuit parties in Madrid.

OSO Project as a DJ has the ability to transmit pure energy and power to the dance floor, with crescendo sets based mainly on techhouse and techno, tossed with sprinkles of soulful house and progressive tunes. He plays regularly in Kluster, Madrid's main gay party, and has mixed for Infinita 2012 (along with Armin van Buuren), Sleazy Madrid and MIBB festival.

DJ Oso Project
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