DJ Paul Burston | uk

Paul Burston was born in York, raised in South Wales and now lives in London. He studied English, drama and film studies at university, before leaving the comforts of academia for the cut and thrust of gay activism. He worked for the London gay police monitoring project GALOP and was an activist with ACT-UP London. He currently works as a journalist and edits the gay and lesbian section of Time Out. In 2008 he won the Stonewall Award for the magazine’s coverage of gay and lesbian issues. He also writes for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines. He also hosts ‘London’s peerless gay literary salon’ Polari and is a curator at the London Literature Festival. In 2011, for the fifth year running, he was named one of the 101 Most Influential Gay People in Britain in the Independent’s annual Pink List. His hobbies include diving, DJing, gardening, reading, sunbathing and watching too much television.

DJ Paul Burston