DJ Paul Coals | uk

International London DJ, Paul has been carving a career behind the decks for many years, playing his part in the very diverse scene in London since 1997, but also performing at a whole host of parties, both across the UK & internationally. Paul’s roots are firmly based in London and it is in the capital where he devotes most of his time behind the decks, holding down a residency at Barcode in both Vauxhall & Soho. Paul also has links with various parties including The Gallery, Rulin, Love Muscle, Salvation London, Megawoof, Bear-Necessity, Scandal and Tonker and has made representations at iconic venues including Cafe De Paris, Astoria, Fabric and the mother of them all Ministry Of Sound.

It is the international gigs that Paul tends to get most excited about and for good reason, as he has been involved in some pretty big events. His appearances for mega clubbing brand Salvation top an impressive list, including recent appearances for leading international promoter Steve Elliott’s including Sydney, San Franscisco, Mexico, Asia, Antwerp, Berlin, France and Spain at some of Salvation's most prolific parties.

Paul’s musical style, which can be described as funky, chunky, electro tinged yet progressively pulsation & uplifting, remains a resounding hit with audiences far & wide. Paul featured in the massive Ibiza Summer season last August (Salvation / Cafe Ole at Space, Pacha, Sands Beach Bar and Hotel Es Vive) and is looking forward to Ibiza again in 2011. His impressive array of international destinations have included gigs in The USA and Canada, a true highlight being when he played out at the famous Fly Club in Toronto.

DJ Paul Coals